Pre-Purchase CSI (Car Super Inspection)

When a CarFax is not enough, get a Pre-Purchase CSI.

A lot has changed in the car-buying process over the years. Through technology and improved record keeping, a VIN (vehicle identification number) can track important vehicle history information that can prove valuable to a potential buyer before the final handshake.

Carfax pioneered the “Vehicle History Report” process in 1986 – when it would send the reports to customers via fax. Since then, it has become a valuable tool for buyers to make a well-informed decision when looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle either through a dealership or private sale.

However, a vehicle history report can only reveal so much…

While we recognize that Carfax, and similar web-based services can be valuable, VIN-based vehicle history reports are simply not enough to provide prospective car buyers all the information they need to make a fully-informed purchase decision. Here’s why:

5 Reasons Why a CarFax is Not Enough:

  1. CarFax’s accident history report can only provide information it pulls from police and insurance records. But vehicle accidents and fender benders go un-reported every day. If you want to know if the car you are looking to purchase has been in an accident, has been repainted and/or has had any structural damage, you cannot rely on public records alone.
  2. A vehicle history report does not reveal any information on the car’s current mechanical performance and integrity. A clean service history does not ensure the vehicle is free of mechanical problems or even that previous repairs were performed correctly and with quality parts.
  3. Carfax won’t tell you what mechanical repairs or component replacements will be needed in the near future. It’s impossible to predict the future, but wouldn’t you like to know what failures are common on a particular vehicle and what components are a most risk of breaking or malfunctioning?
  4. Carfax doesn’t provide maintenance costs on the vehicle. Calculating ongoing maintenance costs into your budget prior to purchase is just as important as negotiating the best purchase price.
  5. While a CarFax can inform you of a previous, reported accident in which the vehicle was involved. Isn’t the real question, “Was the repair done correctly?”


Introducing the MasterClass Pre-Purchase CSI (Car Super Inspection)

MasterClass Automotive is now offering a unique, 360 degree vehicle inspection for discriminate car buyers PRIOR to purchasing a pre-owned, European vehicle.

Whether you are looking to purchase from a dealership or through a private sale, the Pre-Purchase CSI is empowering car buyers by helping them make a well-informed buying decision.

The Pre-Purchase CSI can qualify and quantify a vehicle’s structural integrity, mechanical performance and overall safety of any vehicle you are looking to purchase. We specialize in late model BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Audi, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari vehicles.

To learn more, click here:
Pre-Purchase CSI

3 thoughts on “Pre-Purchase CSI (Car Super Inspection)

  1. Bernie Rind Reply

    we are about to purchase a 2009 Bentley GTC convertible outside Florida. How can we get your CSI service out-of-state? thank you

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  3. joseph pergola Reply

    hi, I’m about to buy a 2007 Bentley flying spur and i would like to have it looked as this is my first Bentley and don’t know much about the car except if the air suspension goes it coast a lot i live on long island can you help me

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