Ferrari F1 – Common Failures – F1 Hydraulic Pump


A common failure we have found on the Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599 and Ferrari 360 is a malfunction with the hydraulic pump. As a result of this mechanical failure, car owners may find: vehicle won’t start; the vehicle starts but gears don’t shift; and/or car will drive but gears stop working after a certain period of time.

These can all be related to a fault in the F1 hydraulic pump. This pump delivers highly pressured hydraulic fluid to the gear actuators. It’s a constant working unit critical to the vehicle performance.

Actually, Ferrari recommends that this electric motor be replaced as a preventive measure in every car older than 5 years and/or after 10-15K miles.

Unfortunately, for vehicle owners, the F1 hydrolic pump retails for approximately $3,000 + labor.

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