Bentley Continental Maintenance – 36 Month Unlimited Plan

Bentley Continental owners out of factory warranty can now enjoy no hassle maintenance through Masterclass Automotive’s 3-Year (36 Months) Unlimited Maintenance plan.

Applies to 2004-2018 Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Continental GTC and Bentley Continental Flying Spur models. Includes three annual scheduled maintenance services: two regular maintenance and one full tune-up over the life of the program PLUS unlimited electronic diagnostics at any point during the program period.

That means that for 36 months, if you ever have a Check Engine light or any other warning light in your instrument cluster, you can bring it into our facility and we will run a full electronic scan.

That report, which you get to keep, allows us to identify any malfunction and interpret any electronic fault codes. The scan will help clarify if in fact a repair is needed or not.

In some cases, low voltage in the battery can cause any number of lights to turn on in your instrument cluster. Many of these can be corrected by resetting and recalibrating the system.

MasterClass Automotive 36 Month Unlimited Maintenance plan can save you thousands of dollars, when compared to dealer service prices. But more importantly, it provides piece of mind.

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