Bentley Continental GT, GTC & Flying Spur: Common Problems

The Bentley Continental GT is definitely an elegant, British beauty. With craftsmanship and design cues that stay true to its legacy, the Bentley GT also pushes the limits of luxury and performance. First released in 2003, replacing the Rolls-Royce-based Continental R and Continental T, it has quickly become a fast-selling model throughout the U.S. and China.

Air Suspension Problems

With all its beauty, though, there are some common issues to note. The Bentley Continental’s Continuous Dampening Control (CDC) is an adjustable air suspension that helps deliver vehicle stability and agility. But at 5,456 pounds, The Bentley Continental GT’s curb weight can put a lot of pressure on the shocks. Many owners have experienced problems with their air suspension even when their vehicle is still at very low mileage.

The list price PER SHOCK at a local dealership can be as high as $3,200.00 NOT INCLUDING labor costs. Therefore, it is not atypical to see a full air suspension job for a Bentley Continental GT to run as high as $16,000! *It is important to note: these types of suspension products must be done in pairs (front/rear). So you can’t just replace one!

At MasterClass Automotive, a leading independent European automotive repair facility in Miami, Florida, they see these problems often. “Air suspension is one of the most common and potentially most expensive repairs we see with Bentley vehicles,” says Ronald Norat, owner and Master Technician at MasterClass Automotive. “Luckily, however, we recently partnered with Arnott Industries, the worldwide leading authority in air suspension products, to offer our customers with a more affordable alternative.”

Arnott offers completely rebuilt, OE front air shocks for the 2003-to-present Bentley Continental, GT and the 4-door 2006-to-present Bentley Flying Spur. Their made in the USA shock features a new rubber air spring bladder manufactured by Continental Contitech along with a new CNC machined aluminum upper housing. Not only will Bentley drivers find these shocks to be up to 50 percent more affordable than the original, but they also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Maintenance Tips

  • When parking your vehicle overnight (especially if for more than a few days) set the adjustable air suspension to the lowest ride setting. This can help alleviate pressure on the air suspension and potentially increase their lifespan.
  •  Test the adjustable air suspension regularly. Maintaining movement in the suspension ensures flexibility in the rubber materials and help prevent the pneumatic parts, valves and sensors from failing due to lack of use.
  • Listen for air leaks coming from the shock area and check for warning lights on the console. Addressing these issues early may help prevent additional damage to surrounding parts in the vehicle.

14 thoughts on “Bentley Continental GT, GTC & Flying Spur: Common Problems

  1. CarCrazy Reply

    I wonder … is any of this (overnight parking recommendations) covered in the Owner’s Manual? I want my driver to be fully aware of these tips 🙂

  2. Sam Reply

    what can i do to upgrade the suspension so it feels and handles like a true sports car

  3. Melvin Reply

    Why my gt front air suspension got sink down just over night but rear sus is ok

  4. David Nuttall Reply

    Looking to buy my first Bentley. Always bought MB’s ; CLS550 were my last three cars and a C-Class before that but now looking to buy a 2005 Bentley Continental GT coupe.

    Any help of potential problems outside os suspension would be appreciated


  5. Bill Reply


    I just bought my first Bentley Continental GT 2005 last Nov and I could not be happier. I am in my early 70’s and feel like I did with my first car. It is sooooooo fun to drive!! I call it beauty and the beast. I rarely take it out of sports mode. I am burning fuel like you can not believe but who buys a GT for the milage. I’ve had no suspension problems. Mine had 54,000KM on it. (now living in Hong Kong) Hard to get it past 3rd gear here but still fun. If you are on the fence, my recomendation is to go for it. You will not be sorry.

  6. Mike Rush Reply

    Two years in with a gt, best thing I’ve ever done, if you can afford to run this car then do, you will never be disappointed if you enjoy power and speed as these are the ultimate, mine is now 12 years old and costs money but it’s my hobby and I love it.
    PS the wife has no idea how much it costs me

  7. ganoolid Reply

    Continental GTC Speed is based on Continental GTC with Mulliner Driving Specification, with engine from Continental GT Speed, radiator and lower air intake grilles with a dark tinted matrix, 9.

  8. Chris Reply

    I am looking to buy a 2009-10 Bentley Continental Flying Spur I plan on doing an Engine Swap and doing something with the Suspension maybe a Coilover I am looking at the GT3 Model Continental and I want to know has anybody else switched their Air Suspension for Coils? You can contact me @

  9. Gaviappa Reply

    I got my flying spur air suspension repaired but still I have very bumpy ride and steering is becoming hard during turn pls guide

  10. Kelly Reply

    The only big concern in the Air Suspension? I did a swap to coil in my 06 Jag XJ8 is this an option? At the prices of a slightly used Flying Spur it is hard to pass up.

  11. FEROZA KHAN Reply

    Can I please have some advice on a 2007 Flying Spur.
    Intermittent problem. Sometimes I hear a ping or click and the car goes completely dead. As soon as I supply external power with a booster pack the car starts again without a jumpstart. Batteries are in perfect condition.

  12. Mario S Reply

    My 2007 Continental GT is s joy with 74k mikes still no suspension collapse but I know it’s coming and I dread it
    My only complaint, the car is too heavy

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  14. Robert Reply

    2010 Gta speed- slid along top on a parking block that scrapped the under side of the front bumper. Now noticed the top end corner behind the headlines have both cracked. Barely touched the bumper.. anyone had this problem

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