Now Carrying Interstate Batteries


MasterClass Automotive is proud to be an authorized retailer of Interstate Batteries. As “America’s No. 1 replacement-brand battery,” Interstate Batteries are guaranteed “factory fresh” at the time of purchase and their receipt-free warranties are backed coast to coast.

We currently carry in-stock a wide selection of automotive and light truck batteries that are optimal for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini and Porsche vehicles.

Interstate Batteries’ Performance Warranty is one of the best in the industry; providing up to 4-year FREE replacement with a pro-rated discount for up to 6-years. See the graphic below for more details:

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Ferrari F1 – Common Failures – F1 Hydraulic Pump


A common failure we have found on the Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599 and Ferrari 360 is a malfunction with the hydraulic pump. As a result of this mechanical failure, car owners may find: vehicle won’t start; the vehicle starts but gears don’t shift; and/or car will drive but gears stop working after a certain period of time.

These can all be related to a fault in the F1 hydraulic pump. This pump delivers highly pressured hydraulic fluid to the gear actuators. It’s a constant working unit critical to the vehicle performance.

Actually, Ferrari recommends that this electric motor be replaced as a preventive measure in every car older than 5 years and/or after 10-15K miles.

Unfortunately, for vehicle owners, the F1 hydrolic pump retails for approximately $3,000 + labor.

At MasterClass Automotive, we have repaired numerous Ferrari vehicles experiencing this common failure. Luckily, we have been able to save their owners thousands of dollars in repair costs – as compared to dealer service. MasterClass Automotive offers competitive prices on all original parts and guarantee our labor for one year.

If you are tired of paying extravagant dealer rates and still not getting the personal service you demand, we invite you to CONTACT US.

Mercedes GL-Class – Common Failures: Rack and Pinion


A common problem on the Mercedes GL350, Mercedes GL450 and Mercedes GL550 is the steering rack and pinion mounting bushing.

Mounting bushings secure the rack and pinion to the body of the vehicle. These rubber components can deteriorate over time due to oil, wear or age. When cracked or torn, drivers will usually hear a hard clunking noise when turning the vehicle.

At MasterClass Automotive, our Mercedes-Benz factory-trained master technicians can repair this problem using original MB parts. CONTACT US for a complimentary vehicle inspection today. We trust you will find our service and professionalism matches if not exceeds that of your local MB dealer service center (and our prices are much more competitive too).