In-Residence 360° Maintenance Program

MasterClass Automotive is now offering a vehicle maintenance program designed for South Florida’s seasonal residents

Ideal for seasonal South Florida residents looking for ongoing up-keep of their luxury vehicle, MasterClass Automotive’s signature maintenance program, “In-Residence 360°,” ensures you’ll never arrive back home with your vehicle in less than optimal condition.

50-Point Inspection
Our monthly, door-to-door service includes a 50+ point inspection of the vehicle’s mechanical components; checking for leaks; monitoring battery life – checking battery and alternator voltage; reviewing condition of belts and tires. Also includes electrical scan; checking for any fault codes or warning lights.

Wash & Detail
As part of our service visit, we provide an exterior detail service, including wax and polish; plus a cleaning and shampooing of the vehicle’s interior, including upholstery, carpet, side panels and armrests. Doorjambs are waxed. Interior is deodorized and sanitized to perfection.

Real-Time Reporting
During our maintenance call we record and document all inspection and service items and provide an electronic report for your reference. Our custom report includes electronic scan codes as well as time-stamped photo and video references for your record-keeping and overall peace-of-mind.

Monthly program starts at $250.
$175 for each additional vehicle. Custom packages also available.

Another Five Stars

 The most honest, knowledgeable, sharp mechanic you will come across. Pleasant to deal with, always with integrity. I brought my 2007 BMW 327i in, and they went above and beyond with the service required. My car was full of realtor gadgets, signs, papers, and I received it with nothing out of place. Totally trustworthy, explain everything clearly…. can’t say enough great things about these guys!!

Now Carrying Interstate Batteries


MasterClass Automotive is proud to be an authorized retailer of Interstate Batteries. As “America’s No. 1 replacement-brand battery,” Interstate Batteries are guaranteed “factory fresh” at the time of purchase and their receipt-free warranties are backed coast to coast.

We currently carry in-stock a wide selection of automotive and light truck batteries that are optimal for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini and Porsche vehicles.

Interstate Batteries’ Performance Warranty is one of the best in the industry; providing up to 4-year FREE replacement with a pro-rated discount for up to 6-years. See the graphic below for more details:

Contact Us to find the Interstate Battery model that is right for your vehicle.

Ferrari F1 – Common Failures – F1 Hydraulic Pump


A common failure we have found on the Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599 and Ferrari 360 is a malfunction with the hydraulic pump. As a result of this mechanical failure, car owners may find: vehicle won’t start; the vehicle starts but gears don’t shift; and/or car will drive but gears stop working after a certain period of time.

These can all be related to a fault in the F1 hydraulic pump. This pump delivers highly pressured hydraulic fluid to the gear actuators. It’s a constant working unit critical to the vehicle performance.

Actually, Ferrari recommends that this electric motor be replaced as a preventive measure in every car older than 5 years and/or after 10-15K miles.

Unfortunately, for vehicle owners, the F1 hydrolic pump retails for approximately $3,000 + labor.

At MasterClass Automotive, we have repaired numerous Ferrari vehicles experiencing this common failure. Luckily, we have been able to save their owners thousands of dollars in repair costs – as compared to dealer service. MasterClass Automotive offers competitive prices on all original parts and guarantee our labor for one year.

If you are tired of paying extravagant dealer rates and still not getting the personal service you demand, we invite you to CONTACT US.

Mercedes GL-Class – Common Failures: Rack and Pinion


A common problem on the Mercedes GL350, Mercedes GL450 and Mercedes GL550 is the steering rack and pinion mounting bushing.

Mounting bushings secure the rack and pinion to the body of the vehicle. These rubber components can deteriorate over time due to oil, wear or age. When cracked or torn, drivers will usually hear a hard clunking noise when turning the vehicle.

At MasterClass Automotive, our Mercedes-Benz factory-trained master technicians can repair this problem using original MB parts. CONTACT US for a complimentary vehicle inspection today. We trust you will find our service and professionalism matches if not exceeds that of your local MB dealer service center (and our prices are much more competitive too).

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

My wife and I own a Mercedes Benz 500SL and a ML500 and we only felt comfortable taking them to the the local Mercedes Benz dealer for service, even though we felt that they were overpriced and the service mediocre at best. About a year ago a relative told me about Masterclass Automotive. Even though I was hesitant at first I did take my wife’s ML500 for a second opinion. The local dealer had recommended major repairs to correct a transmission fluid leak. Without telling the technician at Masterclass what the dealer had recommended he confirmed the problem, but at a fraction of the cost. I have been going there ever since. They are all very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. The place is very clean, and if you make an appointment you will be in and out in no time. I highly recommend them.

Enrique Ruiz via Google+

Bentley Continental GT, GTC & Flying Spur: Common Problems

The Bentley Continental GT is definitely an elegant, British beauty. With craftsmanship and design cues that stay true to its legacy, the Bentley GT also pushes the limits of luxury and performance. First released in 2003, replacing the Rolls-Royce-based Continental R and Continental T, it has quickly become a fast-selling model throughout the U.S. and China.

Air Suspension Problems

With all its beauty, though, there are some common issues to note. The Bentley Continental’s Continuous Dampening Control (CDC) is an adjustable air suspension that helps deliver vehicle stability and agility. But at 5,456 pounds, The Bentley Continental GT’s curb weight can put a lot of pressure on the shocks. Many owners have experienced problems with their air suspension even when their vehicle is still at very low mileage.

The list price PER SHOCK at a local dealership can be as high as $3,200.00 NOT INCLUDING labor costs. Therefore, it is not atypical to see a full air suspension job for a Bentley Continental GT to run as high as $16,000! *It is important to note: these types of suspension products must be done in pairs (front/rear). So you can’t just replace one!

At MasterClass Automotive, a leading independent European automotive repair facility in Miami, Florida, they see these problems often. “Air suspension is one of the most common and potentially most expensive repairs we see with Bentley vehicles,” says Ronald Norat, owner and Master Technician at MasterClass Automotive. “Luckily, however, we recently partnered with Arnott Industries, the worldwide leading authority in air suspension products, to offer our customers with a more affordable alternative.”

Arnott offers completely rebuilt, OE front air shocks for the 2003-to-present Bentley Continental, GT and the 4-door 2006-to-present Bentley Flying Spur. Their made in the USA shock features a new rubber air spring bladder manufactured by Continental Contitech along with a new CNC machined aluminum upper housing. Not only will Bentley drivers find these shocks to be up to 50 percent more affordable than the original, but they also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Maintenance Tips

  • When parking your vehicle overnight (especially if for more than a few days) set the adjustable air suspension to the lowest ride setting. This can help alleviate pressure on the air suspension and potentially increase their lifespan.
  •  Test the adjustable air suspension regularly. Maintaining movement in the suspension ensures flexibility in the rubber materials and help prevent the pneumatic parts, valves and sensors from failing due to lack of use.
  • Listen for air leaks coming from the shock area and check for warning lights on the console. Addressing these issues early may help prevent additional damage to surrounding parts in the vehicle.

Out of Warranty Doesn’t Mean Out of Options for Luxury Car Owners in Miami Disgruntled Over Local Dealer Service

Social media sites reveal top luxury car dealerships in South Florida have some of the lowest customer ratings in the industry for their Service Department operations. Reports of unethical practices, over-billing and poor quality control are leaving local car owners asking questions and looking for alternatives.

For the past decade, South Florida has ranked third behind New York and Los Angeles for total volume of luxury car sales. But it holds the number one spot when calculated on a per-capita basis. Despite the economic downturn, South Florida remains a bling-centric market, with over 30,000 new luxury cars – priced $40,000 and up – sold per year, according to Miami Today.

With historic low-interest auto loans and the now famous “Sign and Drive” promotions offered by many local dealerships for entry-level models, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi brands are no longer just for the one percent.

While new vehicles are under manufacturer warranty – usually for the first four years or the first 50,000 miles – maintaining them is not much of a concern. The service centers of large dealerships will repair most mechanical malfunctions free of charge; sometimes even including scheduled oil service and tire rotation gratis.

But once these luxury vehicles pass the manufacturer’s warranty threshold, repair and maintenance can be a very costly endeavor. Large dealerships across Miami-Dade and Broward typically charge between $120 and $160 per hour for the diagnostics, service and repair of car brands including BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. For higher-end “exotic” brands like Porsche, Maserati, Bentley and Rolls-Royce that hourly rate can be as high as $180.

You would expect these large franchise dealerships to have the most experience and deliver the best service but that is not always the case. Consumer rating sites like and Google Reviews reveal that many car owners are frustrated with the high rates and poor service they are receiving. Recently the Miami New Times reported the scathing allegations of a former service advisor of one of South Florida’s largest BMW dealerships; adding more questions to the integrity of local dealer service centers.

“For many dealers, it’s a numbers game,” says Tony, a Miami resident who owns two BMWs. “Service advisors keep customers from interacting with the technician actually working on the vehicle and you never really know if your car needs the high-priced repairs they want to bill you for.”

The alternative to dealer service is an independent mechanic. However, most modern European automobiles run on complex electronic systems and require costly computer equipment to diagnose and program them using up-to-date software from individual car brands.

“An independent repair facility could be a good alternative,” assures Ronald Norat , owner and master mechanic of MasterClass Automotive. “But there are a few things to look out for,” he adds. “First, make sure they are certified and specialize in the particular car brand you own. Second, go online and check the review of previous customers. Third, ask to speak directly with the technician to make sure they are knowledgeable and have the equipment they need to properly diagnose the vehicle. And lastly, be sure to ask for a written estimate prior to any work beginning.”

ABOUT MASTERCLASS AUTOMOTIVE: MasterClass Automotive is a leading auto repair facility specializing in high-line, European vehicles. Its master technicians are factory-trained and certified with BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley among others. Located at 1721 NW 23rd Street in the Allapattah neighborhood of Downtown Miami, MasterClass Automotive is setting a higher standard for personal service and quality workmanship. For more information, visit or call (305) 351-2012.